Marty Richardson

The Stoney Creek Singers are now a venerable institution within the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe, and have inspired younger generations of singing groups such as Blue Moon and the Red Earth Singers.

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Wayne Reid

“A lot of people own guitars,” laughs Henderson native Wayne Reid. “But everyone that owns a guitar is not a musician.”


Royal Jubilee Singers

“The Lord has blessed us,” says Jones. “We have been to many places. We’re getting slower in age now, but God continues to bless us.”

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David Lynch

Lynch remembers that his relatives would fashion plain walking sticks, which they stained with pecan oil. Today he makes both plain and ornamented walking sticks, the latter featuring snakes, faces, and other forms suggested by the natural contours of the wood.


Arnetta Yancey

“I realized that as much as things have changed in the world as a whole, people still look for those old songs that pulled their ancestors through. That’s what those hymns do. Today, people are still looking for those songs.”

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Wayne Hermann

During his many years of carving spoons, Hermann has mastered the techniques that make his work so distinctive. From his father he learned about the importance of how wood is finished, and his spoons are sanded to a silky smoothness.


Warrenton Echoes

Founded in 1957, the Echoes—who currently count founders Roy “June” Foster and James Carter, along with younger recruits James Martin, Jr., Previs Foster, Reginald Allen, and Smith, Jr., as members—have long been celebrated performers on the Upper South’s gospel circuit.

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Andrew Marlin

Currently a resident of Carrboro, where he leads the popular band Mandolin Orange with his band-mate Emily Frantz, Marlin explains that his mother’s piano playing exerted a strong influence on him throughout his childhood.

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Chris Joyce

Potter Chris Joyce has deep family roots in North Carolina, in the pottery-rich south-central section of the state. His longtime love of pottery shows in his work, in the ways that he blends tradition and innovation into beautiful new combinations.


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