Chambergrass – Kim Terpening & Dave Schwartz

“Most of the time, we try to keep the songs pretty pure in what they are, whether they’re classical or bluegrass. We try not to mix them up too much. We’ll mix in little things, but I think 80% of what we do is pretty much either bluegrass or classical.”

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Freida Harlow

Each Saturday night, visitors can find Freida presiding over performances at the Opry House, often singing or playing a mountain dulcimer, or introducing visiting musicians to the enthusiastic audience. “If anybody needs me for anything special and I can help them out here with the Opry, I will do it.”

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Andrew Marlin

Currently a resident of Carrboro, where he leads the popular band Mandolin Orange with his band-mate Emily Frantz, Marlin explains that his mother’s piano playing exerted a strong influence on him throughout his childhood.

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Warrenton Echoes

Founded in 1957, the Echoes—who currently count founders Roy “June” Foster and James Carter, along with younger recruits James Martin, Jr., Previs Foster, Reginald Allen, and Smith, Jr., as members—have long been celebrated performers on the Upper South’s gospel circuit.

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Portia Hawes

Her quilts, which have been shown in exhibitions in the region, include both traditional and original patterns and motifs, and she still draws inspiration from the quilts that her mother made many years ago.

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Sherman Johnson

A longtime DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of music, Johnson explains that his life and work in the region were “predestined.”

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St. Sing Family

Perhaps most remarkable is the emotion that comes through in the St. Sings’ playing, a quality that is difficult to achieve, no matter the amount of practice. Robin says, “Somebody told me once, ‘You really play from your soul.’ Well, that might be a good way to look at it.” Robert concurs, “Music’s good for you—any kind.”

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Alice Clark Sallins

A gifted singer, she teaches music at a Henderson elementary school. She is the minister of an independent congregation and the author of a column on faith in the Henderson Daily Dispatch. She is also a storyteller in a tradition handed down by her mother, a native of Granville County.


Moka Henry Lynch

Lynch’s pipes are some of his most distinctive work, combining strong figural images on the carved-stone bowls with delicately carved wooden stems. One of his favorite stem designs features a deep double spiral pattern in gleaming exotic wood.

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About the Project

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