Freida Harlow

Each Saturday night, visitors can find Freida presiding over performances at the Opry House, often singing or playing a mountain dulcimer, or introducing visiting musicians to the enthusiastic audience. “If anybody needs me for anything special and I can help them out here with the Opry, I will do it.”

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St. Sing Family

Perhaps most remarkable is the emotion that comes through in the St. Sings’ playing, a quality that is difficult to achieve, no matter the amount of practice. Robin says, “Somebody told me once, ‘You really play from your soul.’ Well, that might be a good way to look at it.” Robert concurs, “Music’s good for you—any kind.”

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Margaret Person

Asked what it is that draws her to traditional hymns, Person explains, “Just listen to the words. That is the most important part of a song—the words. They bring back memories about how God has done things for you. When I hear about choirs that only sing contemporary gospel, I think, Oh, Lord—they just don’t know what they’re missing.”

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Wayne Hermann

During his many years of carving spoons, Hermann has mastered the techniques that make his work so distinctive. From his father he learned about the importance of how wood is finished, and his spoons are sanded to a silky smoothness.


Hugh Carroll

Hugh Carroll credits his success to his family and to God. “Without them,” he explains, “I could not have done the concerts that I was doing.” The Carroll Family currently includes Hugh, son Russell, daughter-in-law Becky, and grandchildren Bella, Gracie, Lydia, and Olivia.

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Reuben Palmer

Reuben Palmer says that ever since childhood, “for some reason, I just had a passion for wood.” That interest has led him to become a master in multiple fields of working with wood, from carpentry to furniture making to wood-turning.

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Doris Davis

Davis makes all manner of sewn items—dresses, skirts, blouses, underwear, overcoats, tote bags, slipcovers, drapery, and much more. “You’d be amazed at the things you can do if you just try,” she says.

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Sherman Johnson

A longtime DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of music, Johnson explains that his life and work in the region were “predestined.”

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Delores Amason

Delores Amason is not only a gifted pianist and singer; the Tillery native is also an unofficial regional historian with a deep understanding of the place that she calls home.

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About the Project

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