Peggy Stocks

Through her class she has made a significant contribution to the renaissance of quilt-making in this part of North Carolina, teaching many students who have gone on to become expert quilters as well.

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Richard Holtzmann, Sr. and Richard Holtzmann, Jr.

True Ridgeway cantaloupes have become increasingly rare. Of the farmers who have brought the crop into the twenty-first century, among the very last are Richard Holtzmann of Ridgeway and his son, Richard Holtzmann, Jr.

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Chris Joyce

Potter Chris Joyce has deep family roots in North Carolina, in the pottery-rich south-central section of the state. His longtime love of pottery shows in his work, in the ways that he blends tradition and innovation into beautiful new combinations.


Moka Henry Lynch

Lynch’s pipes are some of his most distinctive work, combining strong figural images on the carved-stone bowls with delicately carved wooden stems. One of his favorite stem designs features a deep double spiral pattern in gleaming exotic wood.

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Arnetta Yancey

“I realized that as much as things have changed in the world as a whole, people still look for those old songs that pulled their ancestors through. That’s what those hymns do. Today, people are still looking for those songs.”

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Wayne Hermann

During his many years of carving spoons, Hermann has mastered the techniques that make his work so distinctive. From his father he learned about the importance of how wood is finished, and his spoons are sanded to a silky smoothness.


Carolyn Long

Among Long’s childhood recollections is a memory of her grandmother and cousins gathering to make soap. The soap was made with lye and lard put aside at hog-killing time. Long remembers the finished product as large, rough blocks that contained a variety of colors.

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Karen Lynch Harley

My work tells a story, and that is the most important thing to me, is to tell a story. I don’t do a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, as just something nice to look at. I want it to tell a story.

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Otha Wilkins

Over time, Wilkins became a formidable accordion player, adept at playing traditional songs in the genres of bluegrass, country, old-time, and gospel. His repertoire includes songs like “The Kentucky Waltz,” “Corrina, Corrina,” “Blue Skirt Waltz,” and “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.”

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