Royal Jubilee Singers

“The Lord has blessed us,” says Jones. “We have been to many places. We’re getting slower in age now, but God continues to bless us.”

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Louis Sachs

With experimentation at home using his own woodworking equipment and further inspiration from the DIY Network, Sachs was soon making a variety of hand-turned bowls in traditional and contemporary forms carved from solid wood, while others are segmented and combine a variety of pieces of wood.

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John Earl Alston

Alston has had a lifelong fascination with insects, which began when he was a child and would save biscuit crumbs to feed ants in order to observe the orderly way in which the ants carried them away.

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Matt Nelson

“I started playing harmonica when I was 13 years old,” he remembers. “I bought my first one from Rose’s dime store in Littleton for a quarter, and I learned to play ‘Oh Susanna’ on it.”

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Arlene Bice

Arlene Bice’s interest in ghost stories began some years ago, in her native New Jersey, when she and her family members were all visited—independently and unbeknownst to one another—by the same apparition in the old house in which they lived.

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Doris Davis

Davis makes all manner of sewn items—dresses, skirts, blouses, underwear, overcoats, tote bags, slipcovers, drapery, and much more. “You’d be amazed at the things you can do if you just try,” she says.

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Freida Harlow

Each Saturday night, visitors can find Freida presiding over performances at the Opry House, often singing or playing a mountain dulcimer, or introducing visiting musicians to the enthusiastic audience. “If anybody needs me for anything special and I can help them out here with the Opry, I will do it.”

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Ellis Vaughan

Vaughan had a longtime interest in building with wood, dating to his high school days in the late 1930s when he attended shop class. He remembers his excitement at the new-found skills: “I thought I could build near-about anything I wanted now. And I could.”


Delores Amason

Delores Amason is not only a gifted pianist and singer; the Tillery native is also an unofficial regional historian with a deep understanding of the place that she calls home.

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About the Project

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