Ellis Vaughan

Vaughan had a longtime interest in building with wood, dating to his high school days in the late 1930s when he attended shop class. He remembers his excitement at the new-found skills: “I thought I could build near-about anything I wanted now. And I could.”


Karen Lynch Harley

My work tells a story, and that is the most important thing to me, is to tell a story. I don’t do a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, as just something nice to look at. I want it to tell a story.

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Louis Sachs

With experimentation at home using his own woodworking equipment and further inspiration from the DIY Network, Sachs was soon making a variety of hand-turned bowls in traditional and contemporary forms carved from solid wood, while others are segmented and combine a variety of pieces of wood.

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Chambergrass – Kim Terpening & Dave Schwartz

“Most of the time, we try to keep the songs pretty pure in what they are, whether they’re classical or bluegrass. We try not to mix them up too much. We’ll mix in little things, but I think 80% of what we do is pretty much either bluegrass or classical.”

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David Lynch

Lynch remembers that his relatives would fashion plain walking sticks, which they stained with pecan oil. Today he makes both plain and ornamented walking sticks, the latter featuring snakes, faces, and other forms suggested by the natural contours of the wood.


Reuben Palmer

Reuben Palmer says that ever since childhood, “for some reason, I just had a passion for wood.” That interest has led him to become a master in multiple fields of working with wood, from carpentry to furniture making to wood-turning.

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Andrew Marlin

Currently a resident of Carrboro, where he leads the popular band Mandolin Orange with his band-mate Emily Frantz, Marlin explains that his mother’s piano playing exerted a strong influence on him throughout his childhood.

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Margaret Person

Asked what it is that draws her to traditional hymns, Person explains, “Just listen to the words. That is the most important part of a song—the words. They bring back memories about how God has done things for you. When I hear about choirs that only sing contemporary gospel, I think, Oh, Lord—they just don’t know what they’re missing.”

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Pastor Brenda Peace-Jenkins

“I’m just being obedient to what God has given me to do. He wants me to stay in this section of town, even when these walls get torn down and a new church is built. I have to be in Flint Hill, to help this community.”

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About the Project

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