John Earl Alston

Alston has had a lifelong fascination with insects, which began when he was a child and would save biscuit crumbs to feed ants in order to observe the orderly way in which the ants carried them away.

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Patrick Draffin

Patrick Draffin says of his upbringing, “I was raised to understand that stories are our history, and that’s how you learn it. [I] was told at a very early age, ‘Listen to your elders.’”

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Wayne Hermann

During his many years of carving spoons, Hermann has mastered the techniques that make his work so distinctive. From his father he learned about the importance of how wood is finished, and his spoons are sanded to a silky smoothness.


Otha Wilkins

Over time, Wilkins became a formidable accordion player, adept at playing traditional songs in the genres of bluegrass, country, old-time, and gospel. His repertoire includes songs like “The Kentucky Waltz,” “Corrina, Corrina,” “Blue Skirt Waltz,” and “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.”

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Raymond Strum

Raymond Strum is considered one of the elder statesmen among musicians in the tri-county area, equally adept at singing a shuffling country weeper or a high lonesome bluegrass song.

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Mattie Taylor

Taylor has made countless Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls in the last two decades and has sold them to families all over the country. Some of the most recognizable characteristics of her dolls are their finely embroidered facial features.

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Chambergrass – Kim Terpening & Dave Schwartz

“Most of the time, we try to keep the songs pretty pure in what they are, whether they’re classical or bluegrass. We try not to mix them up too much. We’ll mix in little things, but I think 80% of what we do is pretty much either bluegrass or classical.”

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Marty Richardson

The Stoney Creek Singers are now a venerable institution within the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe, and have inspired younger generations of singing groups such as Blue Moon and the Red Earth Singers.

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David Lynch

Lynch remembers that his relatives would fashion plain walking sticks, which they stained with pecan oil. Today he makes both plain and ornamented walking sticks, the latter featuring snakes, faces, and other forms suggested by the natural contours of the wood.


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