Margaret Person

Asked what it is that draws her to traditional hymns, Person explains, “Just listen to the words. That is the most important part of a song—the words. They bring back memories about how God has done things for you. When I hear about choirs that only sing contemporary gospel, I think, Oh, Lord—they just don’t know what they’re missing.”

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Patrick Draffin

Patrick Draffin says of his upbringing, “I was raised to understand that stories are our history, and that’s how you learn it. [I] was told at a very early age, ‘Listen to your elders.’”

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Hugh Carroll

Hugh Carroll credits his success to his family and to God. “Without them,” he explains, “I could not have done the concerts that I was doing.” The Carroll Family currently includes Hugh, son Russell, daughter-in-law Becky, and grandchildren Bella, Gracie, Lydia, and Olivia.

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Sparkie Watts

“My father was a guitar player, and that’s where I picked it up at an early age, I guess,” he says. “I still have a J-50 Gibson guitar that he bought in 1953.”

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Pastor Brenda Peace-Jenkins

“I’m just being obedient to what God has given me to do. He wants me to stay in this section of town, even when these walls get torn down and a new church is built. I have to be in Flint Hill, to help this community.”

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Arlene Bice

Arlene Bice’s interest in ghost stories began some years ago, in her native New Jersey, when she and her family members were all visited—independently and unbeknownst to one another—by the same apparition in the old house in which they lived.

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Wayne Reid

“A lot of people own guitars,” laughs Henderson native Wayne Reid. “But everyone that owns a guitar is not a musician.”


John Earl Alston

Alston has had a lifelong fascination with insects, which began when he was a child and would save biscuit crumbs to feed ants in order to observe the orderly way in which the ants carried them away.

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Warrenton Echoes

Founded in 1957, the Echoes—who currently count founders Roy “June” Foster and James Carter, along with younger recruits James Martin, Jr., Previs Foster, Reginald Allen, and Smith, Jr., as members—have long been celebrated performers on the Upper South’s gospel circuit.

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