Portia Hawes

Her quilts, which have been shown in exhibitions in the region, include both traditional and original patterns and motifs, and she still draws inspiration from the quilts that her mother made many years ago.

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Ellis Vaughan

Vaughan had a longtime interest in building with wood, dating to his high school days in the late 1930s when he attended shop class. He remembers his excitement at the new-found skills: “I thought I could build near-about anything I wanted now. And I could.”


Roy Burroughs

Work in Progress is a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary music, all of which Burroughs arranges meticulously. “Music has always been in me,” he says, “and I suspect it always will be.”

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Wayne Reid

“A lot of people own guitars,” laughs Henderson native Wayne Reid. “But everyone that owns a guitar is not a musician.”


Moka Henry Lynch

Lynch’s pipes are some of his most distinctive work, combining strong figural images on the carved-stone bowls with delicately carved wooden stems. One of his favorite stem designs features a deep double spiral pattern in gleaming exotic wood.

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Carolyn Long

Among Long’s childhood recollections is a memory of her grandmother and cousins gathering to make soap. The soap was made with lye and lard put aside at hog-killing time. Long remembers the finished product as large, rough blocks that contained a variety of colors.

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Bishop Dready Manning

Inspired by the fleet-fingered playing of musicians like Blind Boy Fuller, Brownie McGhee, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Jimmy Reed, he had one goal: “I wanted to be a blues guitar player.”

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Sparkie Watts

“My father was a guitar player, and that’s where I picked it up at an early age, I guess,” he says. “I still have a J-50 Gibson guitar that he bought in 1953.”

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Arlene Bice

Arlene Bice’s interest in ghost stories began some years ago, in her native New Jersey, when she and her family members were all visited—independently and unbeknownst to one another—by the same apparition in the old house in which they lived.

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